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Objective and Involved

Financieel Adviesbureau Karin Blott has 15 years of practical experience in the financial services sector. We guide you through the maze of mortgages, life insurance and general insurance. Our way of thinking is clear, our status is independent, we advise you made-to-measure: Objective and Involved

For whom?

Financieel Adviesbureau Karin Blott focuses on advising individuals. In addition to Dutch clients we have extensive experience in advising expatriates working in the Netherlands.

Law and regulation:
  • We meet all training requirements as set forth by the government within the Act on Financial Supervision (WFT).
  • We are as Accredited Mortgage Advisor registered with the Foundation SEH ( The SEH affiliated mortgage consultants have the required diplomas and qualifications, are objective and independent and meet the legal requirements imposed by the government. Approved Mortgage Advisors are retrained annually and also trained so they are constantly informed of the latest developments concerning tax laws and regulations.
  • We have a license from the Financial Services Authority (AFM), number 12042966.
  • We are affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (, where you may go if you have a financial complaint.

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